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Sea Kayak Nootka and Kyuquot Sounds
Sea Kayak Nootka and Kyuquot Sounds
Our Price: $9.95

A guide to paddling Nookta and Kyuquot Sounds and South Brooks Peninsula. Includes area map, land jurisdictions, marine weather information, sea conditions and paddling etiquette. Some areas include Friendly Cove and Cougar Creek.
Prairie Paddling Guide Book
Prairie Paddling
Our Price: $23.95

Paddling Alberta's prairie rivers is easy, relaxing, and rewarding. You can paddle for a few hours, a few days, or a few weeks. You can camp on any sandbar or island that you like. You can explore badlands gullies and hoodoos, examine dinosaur bones embedded in the mud, view abundant wildlife right from your canoe, spot century-old homesteads in the river valleys, try your luck at fishing, and wander through native grasslands sprinkled with wildflowers. Or you can simply paddle down the river, soak up the sun, and leave all your worries behind. Whether you're a seasoned canoeist or whether you've never before held a paddle in your hands, this book will help you plan a successful prairie paddling trip.
The Wild Coast Volume Two
The Wild Coast - Volume 2
Our Price: $29.95

Volume 2 in the Wild Coast series.  This volume extends the kayaker's exploration of B.C.'s coast further north.  It covers the coastline from North Vancouver Island to the Alaska border.  Each chapter explores the attractions, history, and ecology of each of the journey's destinations.  Detailed maps show the major points of interest, from the best campgrounds to the ideal spots to view wildlife.  Included are key features of each area such as amenities, hazards, launch sites, parks and ecological reserves and hiking trails.
The Wild Coast Volume 3
The Wild Coast - Vol 3
Our Price: $34.95

The Wild Coast is a kayaking, hiking and recreation guide for British Columbia's south coast and east Vancouver Island.  There are detailed maps that show major points of interest, from camping spots to ideal places from which to view wildlife.  Also included are amenities, hazards, launch sites, parks and ecological reserves and hiking trails.
Lakes Rivers Streams of Alberta Southern Basins
Lakes, Rivers and Streams of Alberta - Southern Basins
Our Price: $39.95

Lakes, Rivers and Streams of Alberta - Southern Basins is a fantastic hardcover reference book to the Southern Alberta river and lake systems.  It contains a section detailing all of the major fish species in Alberta.  Each river basin has its own section covering each river, lake and stream in detail including hydrographic data for most major lakes.  A series of topographic maps are also included giving a general overview of the areas covered in the book.
Marks Guide for Alberta Paddlers
Mark's Guide for Alberta Paddlers
Our Price: $45.00

Mark’s Guide for Alberta Paddlers (2nd ed.) is the eighth guidebook for Alberta paddlers that Mark has produced or contributed to over the last forty plus years.  This guide includes sixty-seven reach reports for Alberta’s rivers and lakes, stretching from the Milk River in the south to the Slave River in the north, from the Cold River in the east to the Kootenay River in the west.  This guide is both an introduction to Alberta paddling for new paddlers, and an introduction to those new to paddling in Alberta.  This expanded  guidebook includes location maps for each report, a hydrograph for river flows, distance and gradient calculations, UTM - GPS/Map grid references for important features, river notes and rapid classes and lots of pictures to illustrate the great paddling available to Alberta paddlers.