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Atlantic Beige Illuminated Globe Waypoint Geographic
Atlantic Beige Illuminated - 12 Inch Globe
Our Price: $150.00

The Atlantic II illuminated globe by Waypoint Geographic features an up-to-date smooth 12-inch Antique Ocean illuminated globe with Bronze color finished metal and numbered meridian. What sets Waypoint maps apart from others is the level of ocean detail within the cartography, showing off many ocean floor features not shown or identified on most globes. The political boundaries and named places contained on the globe are current and updated with each production cycle, ensuring you receive the most updated product available. The square three tier stepped wood base finished in a dark cherry color compliments the globe which can be used for reference and decor for the home or office.

The LED Illuminated feature built into the acrylic globe allows you to turn the globe on and off via an external cord with inline switch (not shown) which exits the adjoined meridian at the south pole. When the globe is illuminated it enhances the look of the cartography of the map, named places and points of interest. It also serves as a back light or night light in any room.
Carlyle Illuminated 12 Inch Replogle Globe
Carlyle - 12 inch globe
Our Price: $130.00

All the most sought-after features are here: illumination, antique-ocean design, and 12 inch diameter. Walnut-finish base; die-cast semi-meridian.
Globe for Kids 10 Inch Globe
Globe for Kids - 10 Inch Globe
Our Price: $80.00

The capacity to wonder is not learned. It's there from the beginning. Which is why this 10 inch illuminated globe, with more than 100 drawings of people, landmarks, and animals, is a perfect companion to any child's imagination.
National Geographic Chamberlin - 16 inch globe
Our Price: $380.00

The Chamberlin is the perfect essence of attractive practicality.
National Geographic Nicollet 16 Inch Globe Replogle
National Geographic Nicollet - 16 Inch Globe
Our Price: $300.00

With just a flick of a switch, the LED bulb inside our Nicollet desk globe illuminates to bring even greater clarity and detail to our award-winning cartography. With the same blue ocean coloring of our most popular wall maps, it’s suitable for home, office, and classroom alike. More than 4,000 place names are printed on paper gores, adhered to a plastic globe. Die-cast, copper-painted meridian and hardwood base.
Odessa Illuminated 12 Inch Replogle Globe
Odessa - 12 inch Illuminated globe
Our Price: $132.50

The Odessa features a hardwood tapered base and die-cast semi-meridian. The two-way map and raised-relief design of this 12" globe provide a standard view of the physical world or an illuminated display of the political world.
Washington DC Globe Waypoint Geographic
Washington DC Illuminated - 9 Inch Globe
Our Price: $75.00

See Washington DC at night in the form of an illuminated globe. The Washington DC Night Light Globe is 9-inches in diameter and comes with a chrome silver stand. The globe depicts all the major landmarks and tourist sites of the city as well as the major streets and some of the famous characters associated with it and includes a 16 page informational booklet. Makes a wonderful gift or addition to any room. This globe is illuminated using LED lights within the globe and powered by AAA batteries which are not included. You will never need to replace a light bulb!