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Map Town

Jordan Maps and Travel Guides

Click here for a larger Map of Middle East

We suggest that everyone travelling to Jordan take a map and a guidebook. These simple tools can be worth their weight in gold. A trip to the Middle East can be a fantastic time, and the information gained from one of Map Town's maps or guide books will only enhance it.

Each country of Middle East can be very different than the next, so go prepared and have a great time in Jordan. Map Town carries an excellent selection of maps for the whole region and each individual country. A travel guide will help you understand the cultures and take advantage of the advice and experience acquired from other travelers who have been there before you.

Jordan Maps
Jordan Travel Guides
Facts and Online Map for Jordan

Jordan has quite a few interesting places to explore. The capital city, Amman, is at least 5000 years old, and contains ruins from Roman times. For more spectacular Roman excavations, visit Jerash, and if cave-dwelling is what intrigues you, journey to Petra. This is a city built into cliffs, accessed through a narrow canyon. Photographers delight in the fantastic colors and shadows which play on the sandstone at dusk and dawn. Discover other amazing facts and destinations when you buy a Jordan travel book and map to start dreaming of your visit.

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