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Adventurer 12 Inch Replogle Globe
Adventurer - 12 inch globe
Our Price: $60.00

For the young adventurer! Geared towards young students, the 12 inch diameter blue ocean globe features raised relief, distinctive ocean topography and easy-to-find geographic locations. The globe is mounted on a durable translucent blue plastic base.
Explorer 12 Inch Replogle Globe
Explorer - 12 inch globe
Our Price: $70.00

Among our most popular models. Striking colors invite students of any age to explore. The 12 inch blue-ocean globe offers a vibrant contrast to a metal gold-colored base. The Explorer contains more than 4,000 place names and distinctive political boundary markings.
Pioneer 12 Inch Replogle Globe
Pioneer - 12 inch globe
Our Price: $95.00

Take a closer look! The 12 inch diameter blue ocean globe with gyro-matic mounting swings up or down to bring any area into closer view. Features numbered, full-meridian and gyro assembly.
Traveller 12 Inch Replogle Globe
Traveller - 12 inch globe
Our Price: $60.00

Lightweight and durable, this 12 inch blue-ocean globe is a great tool for high school and college students. The smoke black plastic base and semi-meridian are scratch resistant and strong.
Wonder Globe - Celestial
Wonder Globe - Celestial
Our Price: $15.95

The 4.3 inch Celestial Wonder Globe, featuring stars, constellations, and celestial images rendered by noted German cartographer Karl Harig, offers the exceptionally smooth two-axis rotation that distinguishes the Wonder Globe series. Teachers, corporate executives, and children of all ages will enjoy the clever workings of this dynamic globe.