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What's Up South World Map
Whats Up South World Map ODT

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This south-at-the-top map is a great educational tool. It challenges basic notions of ''up'' and ''down.'' True ''up'' from our standpoint on the earth, is away from the center, and the earth in space has no inherent up or down. To emphasize this point, this map includes an inset, which shows global views from various angles. In addition, other inset maps show examples of a variety of projections with notes on their merits and limitations.
The main map is a Van der Grinten projection, which is a fair compromise between preservation of actual shapes, with less distortion of relative sizes than the Mercator projection. Details show major cities, railways, rivers, peaks (with elevations in meters), and ocean depths (also shown in meters), and each nation is clearly distinguished with color tints. Mountainous regions are indicated with shaded relief.
For the scale of the map, the size of the print is larger than most other world maps, a feature which makes the labels easier to read. Clocks across the top show the world's approximate time zones. Because it omits the Antarctic region, the map shows the Equator top of center.
Whats Up? South! offers a startling way to view the world, and a great way to shake people up and help them question their assumptions.