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Luxembourg Bradt Travel Guide Liguria Italy Bradt Travel Guide. The only in-depth guide to Liguria, a mountainous region of dizzy passes and breath-taking views where mountains plunge down into the sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean. Liguria will leave you awestruck by its bea Croatia Bradt Travel Guide
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Our Price: $26.50
This first edition offers an unprecedented level of detail on the country’s sites, culture, history and wildlife alongside entertaining literary quotes and historical anecdotes. This guide features 22 maps and exceptional colour photography helping bring this fascinating country alive. The only in-depth guide to Liguria, a mountainous region of dizzy passes and breath-taking views where mountains plunge down into the sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean. Liguria will leave you awestruck by its beauty. The narrow strip of coast includes the gems of the world famous Italian Riviera, the great port city of Genoa, the glitzy resort of Portofino and the charms of the Cinque Terre. Yet in the hinterland there are many beautiful villages and mountain walks that have yet to be discovered by tourists. The walks vary in difficulty so are accessible to all. Many of the walks and cycle routes featured in the book are through beautiful wilderness. Sitting at the cross-roads of Europe, Croatia offers an unrivalled mix of culture and nature. It continues to seduce visitors with its beautifully preserved historic towns and cities, magnificent cultural sights, gorgeous coastline, outstanding national parks and delicious food—not to mention some of the clearest waters you are likely to find anywhere in the Mediterranean. In this updated edition, all the basics are covered with details of transport, the increasing number of boutique hotels and ecotourism home-stays, and local wines, food and olive oil. An expanded culture section includes information on all the new museums opened in recent years, traditions added to the UNESCO List of Intangible Heritage and the Garden Festival at Zadar on the Dalmatian coast.
Flanders Northern Belgium Bradt Travel Guide.  Author Emma Thomson introduces travellers not only to the World Heritage Sites of Brussels' Grand Place or Bruges' romantic canals but also to snug spots, like the bewitched village of Laarne and Geraardsberg Azores travel guide book. Lying between New York and Lisbon and sometimes referred to as Europe's best kept secret, the Azores are verdant, tranquil, diverse, exquisitely beautiful and always welcoming. These nine green islands are the embodiment of old-w Lapland Bradt Travel Guide
Azores Bradt guide book
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Our Price: $27.50
Author Emma Thomson introduces travellers not only to the World Heritage Sites of Brussels' Grand Place or Bruges' romantic canals but also to snug spots, like the bewitched village of Laarne and Geraardsbergen, the real home of Manneken-Pis. Flanders provides something for everyone: the city-break or business tourist seeking restaurants and shopping; the wildlife and outdoor enthusiast after bird-watching and rural walks; the traveller wishing to seek out towns, villages and countryside off the beaten track; and the visitor in search of luxury and pampering. Bradt's Azores is the only publication in English that not only provides details of travel and activities, but also gives in-depth background information about the archipelago's discovery, settlement and subsequent social history. David Sayers outlines how the archipelago erupted from beneath the ocean some five million years ago. Revised throughout, this new edition also includes in-depth sections on whaling, fishing and agriculture, climate, and geology. Spanning the northernmost fringes of Norway, Sweden and Finland, Lapland offers exciting winter and summer adventures. Take in the indigenous Sámi culture, experience a husky safari or snorkel alongside killer whales. Scandinavia enthusiast James Proctor leads visitors across magical frozen scenery, from the world-famous ICEHOTEL and the stunning Laponia World Heritage area to the Arctic's midnight sun – 24-hours of unbroken sunlight. Whether on an organised tour or travelling independently, Bradt's Lapland is the essential travel companion. Now in its second edition, it's the only guidebook to this wintry wonderland.
Dominica Bradt Travel Guide Slovenia travel guide book. Once part of the larger republic of Yugoslavia, Slovenia is now an independent country with impressive Alpine scenery and charming Adriatic coastal towns. In addition to practical information on the country's accessible capital Zanzibar Bradt Travel Guide
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Our Price: $28.95
This second edition offers practical information on the growing health and wellness holidays, weddings and yachting parties as well as extended coverage of the rich cultural heritage. There is a new chapter on the highly popular Waitukubuli National Trail. The author is resident in the country so has detailed insider knowledge Slovenia travel guide book. Once part of the larger republic of Yugoslavia, Slovenia is now an independent country with impressive Alpine scenery and charming Adriatic coastal towns. In addition to practical information on the country's accessible capital, Ljubljana, the Bradt guide explores off-the-beaten-track Slovenia including visits to wine-growing regions, hiking in the Julian Alps, white-water rafting and skiing. A strong emphasis on culture and history is combined with practical information on where to stay and eat, and how to get around. This guide book for Zanzibar includes unparalleled accommodation write-ups and the information you need to choose the right dining sites. Also included in this guide book is information about the best safaris to take while in Selous and Ruaha. Zanzibar's crystal clear seas and laidback vibe make it the perfect location to wind down after the scramble of a safari or the bustle of demanding Dar es Salaam.
Serbia Bradt Travel Guide Belarud Bradt Travel Guide Jungle-clad and teeming with exotic wildlife, Guyana is a South American secret begging to be told. With its unique geography of coastal waters, mangroves, marshes, savannas, mountains and tropical rainforests, it's an ideal match for adventure seekers
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Guyana Travel Book
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One of the most misunderstood corners of Europe, Serbia is a spirited and fascinating country. Belgrade and second city Novi Sad are lively, cosmopolitan and welcoming, while rural Serbia, with its hidden monasteries and breathtaking countryside, is an undiscovered gem. This edition of the guide features the burgeoning music festival scene, bird-watching, wine-tasting and Serbia's growing litany of sporting stars such as Novak Djokovic. This edition includes a new section on the Danube cycling route with details on where to stop, where to shop and sights to see on the way. Updated throughout, the listings include boutique hotels, eco-lodges and backpacker hostels to cater for all budgets. The guide goes into greater depth than its competitors with more detail on the history, politics, culture and sights and more detailed reviews of hotels and restaurants. Belarus is perhaps the most inaccessible, unknown and misunderstood country in Europe. This new guide - the first to focus on the Republic of Belarus - therefore offers a rare opportunity to study a country and its people as they really are, before the rest of the world catches on. Anyone with an interest in history and sociology will be fascinated by the continuation of traditional rural pastimes and industries; there are also vast areas of marshes, lakes and rivers, which are of particular appeal to ecologists and environmentalists. With its unique geography of coastal waters, mangroves, marshes, savannas, mountains and tropical rainforests, it's an ideal match for adventure seekers and wildlife enthusiasts. Explore the interior's waterways from a dugout canoe, swim alongside a black caiman the world's largest alligator, take in Amerindian culture at Surama, or spot one of Guyana's 800-plus birds
Zimbabwe Bradt Travel Guide Somaliland Africa Travel Guide Book. Little known to the outside world, Somaliland has much to offer the truly intrepid traveler. This pioneering guidebook introduces one of the world's least chartered travel destinations. Author Philip Briggs covers ever Transylvania Bradt Travel Guide
Our Price: $28.95
Our Price: $28.95
Zimbabwe's dramatic decline has been well documented, but the power-sharing agreement of 2009 has offered fresh hope for the country's recovery and return to former glory. Its tourist attractions remain undiminished: explore some of the best, tourist-free national parks in Africa; take advantage of unique walking, canoeing and horse-back safaris; and get to know Zimbabwe's welcoming people. This new guide by Paul Murray - who has spent several months travelling the country each year since 1999 - provides vital information both for intrepid travellers who feel the time is right to visit and for nationals considering a trip home. Bradt's Zimbabwe is the only up-to-date guidebook currently available, and makes a welcome return to our Africa series. Philip Briggs covers everything from the low-key capital Hargeisa and mediaeval port of Berbera to peerless rock art sites such as Las Geel, and the scenery and wildlife of the Daallo Escarpment, towering 2,000m high above the pristine reefs of the Gulf of Aden. Somaliland's ruined cities and historical ports date back 5,000 years and have links with ancient Egypt and Axum in northern Ethiopia, as well as the Ottoman and British Empires. Transylvania is a wild, wooded, intensely romantic region, filled with mountains, gorges, myths and legends, dragons, wolves and vampires. This new edition of the hugely popular and personal guide to the romantic Transylvania region covers a whole range of attractions from creepy castles to medieval landscapes populated by vampires, bears and wolves. Updated throughout with all the practical information that the independent traveller needs, Transylvania is an invaluable companion for anyone wanting to explore its breathtakingly beautiful nature reserves, forest reservations and parks, as well as its historic castles, medieval towns and preserved folk villages.
Cameroon Bradt Travel Guide Zambia Ghana Bradt Travel Guide
Our Price: $29.95
Our Price: $29.95
Ghana Bradt Travel Guide
Our Price: $29.95
The Bradt Travel Guide for Cameroon provides thorough coverage of a country that entices lovers of adventrue and nature in equal measure.  Visit ancient tribal kingdoms in the western highlands, colourful trading towns and 'pygmy' hunting camps. This guide book also provides information on national parks, nature treks and bird sites that can be found in Cameroon. There is information on where to find the palm fringed beaches with beautiful white sand as well as advise for trips along the high lands ring road. Information for those who are willing to tackle Mount Cameroon can also be found in this detailed travel guide. The Bradt Travel Guide includes choosing where to visit, and where to stay.  Detailed coverage if national parks and illustrated wildlife section.  Safaris and how to organise them - walking, driving and canoeing.  People and culture, including local festivals.  Adventure travel and adrenaline sports and 45 maps with over 300 GPS coordinates. Ghana is an ideal destination for first-time visitors to Africa; rich in little-visited national parks, forest reserves, cultural sites and scenic waterfalls, blessed with bleached white beaches and lush rain forests of the Atlantic coastline. This stand-alone guide, the only one available, caters for both the budget backpacker and the luxurious resort wallower. Including authoritative history and wildlife sections, updated accommodation and restaurant recommendations and a wealth of background and practical information, Bradt's Ghana covers the country with unrivalled detail and knowledge.
Sudan Bradt Travel Guide Latvia Bradt Travel Guide Niger Bradt Travel Guide
Our Price: $29.95
Our Price: $29.95
Our Price: $29.95
This stand-alone guide to post-partition Sudan, leads you expertly from the labyrinthine souks of Khartoum to coral-bedecked wrecks off the Red Sea coast. Whether you’re rushing through on the trans-Africa trail or whiling away weeks among rich archaeological sites, this fully revised third edition is your indispensable companion. This guide will also help you find ways to explore entire pyramids and other ancient sites entirely free of tourist crowds, drink in views over the Sudanese plains from the granite Taka Mountains, dive the reef where Jacques Cousteau conducted his experiment in underwater living, experience Sudan’s cultural diversity among the 50 tribes of the Nuba Mountains and read advice on where to stay/eat, travelling safely and cultural etiquette

Here is a land of lakes and golden beaches, a land where thick forests meet rolling plains, and national parks are home to rare bird species like the black stork. The capital, Riga, has more than enough to amuse the night reveller, the culture vulture and the shopaholic. Beyond the city, there's also much to entice - including sculpture parks, lavish palaces and the spas of Jurmala. This fifth edition of Bradt's Latvia continues to provide the very latest practicalities and background information to help you get the most out of your stay. Bradt Travel Guide for Niger includes information on 'W' National Park and information on Niger's natural history. In this guide you will find information for the best desert trips and river cruises to take while you are traveling. As well, there is fascinating archaeology and architecture to be explored and discovered by the adventurous traveller. This guide offers information on Niger's colourful festivals, the best places to stay, and  what to see once you arrive and the best way to get there. how to get there.
Rwanda Bradt Travel Guide Estonia Bradt Travel Guide Kazakhstan Bradt Travel Guide
Our Price: $29.95
Our Price: $29.95
Rwanda is the world's premier gorilla-tracking destination and was made famous as the setting for the film Gorillas in the Mist. However, there is much to see beyond magical encounters with gorillas: Lake Kivu, the mountain-ringed inland sea; the immense Nyungwe Forest National Park with its chimpanzees, monkeys, and rare birds; and the wild savanna of Akagera National Park. This updated fourth edition lists the newest hotels, tours, activities, operators ­– and information on how to track its famous mountain gorillas. As more and more of Estonia opens up properly to tourists, this new fifth edition is inevitably bigger and better than its predecessor. The author provides extensive coverage on new spa hotels and beaches to be explored as well as hidden manor houses and brand new concert halls to enliven stays there. This guide book includes updated listings of accommodation, new galleries and museums to explore, and a new section on Narva, for travelers en route to Russia. Visit in May and find the slopes of the Tian Shan carpeted with tulips, base yourself in cosmopolitan Almaty and daytrip to the nearby mountains and or sample a glass of kumiss at a Kazakh dastarkhan. Now updated with more detail, Kazakhstan provides in-depth explanation of the rich and unique Kazakh traditions and nomadic heritage. The most comprehensive guide available, it's invaluable for anyone visiting or living in Kazakhstan.
Paraguay Bradt Travel Guide Uruguay Bradt Travel Guide Eastern Turkey Bradt Travel Guide
Our Price: $29.95
Often overlooked by visitors to South America, Paraguay is unspoilt and waiting to be discovered. Jesuit ruins echo with centuries of history, jaguars prowl the Chaco and the sound of the Paraguayan harp drifts through the air. From its poignant carved statues to smiling campesions, this unassuming country will leave you captivated. The only stand-alone guide to the country, Bradt's Paraguay offers detailed background information and practical advice for travellers looking to escape the tourist trail and experience the real heart of South America. Uruguay is perhaps best known for wining the first World Cup and its former meat-processing factory at Fray Bentos. Few know that, in addition to vast hectares of prairie grassland dotted with grazing cattle, this South American republic boasts wetlands and lagoons home to over 459 species of bird, pristine empty beaches lining boho-chic fishing villages, canyons filled with subtropical forests, and a laidback capital wich hosts rodeos and giant beef barbecues, and displays elegant Art Deco architecture. With full background and practical information, Bradt's Uruguay is the only dedicated English-language guide to this small  but characterful country. Turkey is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations and yet the rugged plateaus stretching east from Istanbul are rarely explored.
Uzbekistan Bradt Travel Guide Tajikistan Bradt Travel Guide Swaziland Bradt Travel Guide
This is the most detailed guide to Central Asia's most populous country and the heart of the historic Silk Road. Strikingly beautiful yet little understood, Uzbekistan finally has a guide to inspire independent travelling, with all the in-depth practical information required, highlighting epic landscapes through to awe-inspiring architecture. Tajikistan is Central Asia's smallest and least understood country. Epic mountain landscapes, glacial lakes and the mighty Oxus River encircle ancient Buddhist sites, Silk Road trading posts, medieval shrines and planned Soviet cities. Swaziland is Africa's second smallest country and its last remaining absolute monarchy. Dwarfed by neighbouring South Africa, this tiny, landlocked nation punches well above its weight in terms of both nature and culture.