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Zugspitze Rother Walking Guide Sardinia Rother Walking Guide Provence Rother Walking Guide
This Rother Guide covers mountain walks around the Zugspitze with the Ammergauer Alps and Werdenfelser Land.  There are selected routes in the vicinity of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Oberammergauer, Mittenwald, Ehrwald, Leutasch and Seefeld.  This guide has 53 coloured illustrations and 50 walking maps. The idea that there are countless opportunities for hikers and mountain climbers seems exotic. And exactly that is the attraction: To travel Sardinia as a mountain holiday destination is a totally new experience. In contrast to the neighbouring island, Corsica, Sardinia cannot claim any exceptionally lofty heights (the highest peak, the Punta la Marmora, measures only 1833m); however, it does offer other specialities. They include the deep, winding gorges, whose crossing is very challenging to the hiker: "torrentism," known at home as canyoning, is the magic word here which is continually finding new friends. Speleologists will find undreamt-of forms in the "underworld" of the karstic landscape. And some steep walls are still waiting for their first contact with human feet - climbers have the choice between granite, lime, or basalt! Yet the pleasurable walks and adventure tours amidst the diverse countryside apply the finishing touch of all mountain-sport activities on Sardinia. Thomas Rettstatt has already made a name for himself as an author of various hiking and travel guides. With great detail and knowledge, he describes a total of 50 hiking tours in his handy book, which are generously illustrated with colour photos and colour map excerpts. Tips on cultural and countryside sights, as well as city walking tours through Arles, Nîmes and Avignon, round out the rich collection of information.
Mont Blanc - Rother Walking Guide in German Valais East Rother Walking Guide Norway South Rother Walking Guide
This German guide book features 50 walks in the vicinity of Chamonix, St. Gervais, Argentiere and Courmayeur. Includes exact route description, walking maps, and places of interest.  No longer available in English. Valais, boasting mountain megaliths over four thousand metres high such as the Matterhorn and Monte Rosa, with rugged glaciers and wings of ice towering toward the heavens, is not only a paradise for Alpinists but also proves to be an ideal hiking area: above the often narrow and gorge-like valley walls lie the more elevated slopes, covered with a network of trails that are as comfortable to walk as they are meticulously signposted; picturesque Alpine huts scattered over lush meadows and whispering forests, sun-burnt hay barns and sheds lend this striking landscape, embedded in a magnificent setting, a cosy charm. This guide features 50 valley and mountain walks between Oslo, Lom, Bergen and Kristiansand. Includes 69 colour photos, 50 walking maps and an overview map. Norway as a hiking paradise, describes "easy" and "difficult" routes family-friendly hikes are included, as are climbs up deserted peaks, challenging day-long hikes, and tours covering several days from cabin to cabin.
La Palma Rother Walking Guide Teneriffa Canary Islands - Hiking Guide Tuscany North Rother Walking Guide
The greenest of the Canary Islands awaits the walker with more variety of landscapes than can be found in any other similarly small region in the world. Wide valleys, wild gorges and crater landscapes, pine- and laurel forests, banana plantations, cascades and waterfalls form a rich contrast with one another. The walking here is superb and the dark-black beaches, beautiful as they are, pale into insignificance in comparison to the offerings of nature which in all corners of the island surprise you with ever-changing scenery. The island offers incomparably pleasant strolls between gleaming lava beaches, lush laurel woods and cloud-ringed ridges. And ever-present is the deep blue Atlantic. La Palma is made for the walker who loves nature and seeks adventures away from the noisy beach resorts and cheap tourist attractions.
This guide presents the walker with a wide range of enjoyable walks incorporating every region on the island: from physically demanding excursions into the rugged barrancos in the north to the romantic scenery of the setting sun on the 2000 metre peaks, not to mention the truly phenomenal volcano route; from gentle walks through bright green pine forests and across dark lava streams to the most spectacular destination on the island: the giant unspoilt landscape of the Caldera de Taburiente, surrounded by thousand metre high precipices, one of the greatest erosion craters in the world.
As a result, Tenerife is not only a refuge for central Europeans who shy away from winter, but mainly an ideal island for hiking. With the wide ocean at all times in sight, the range of the 70 hiking tours presented in this guide includes easy paths over rough cliffs and picturesque trips to heights as well as ascents to peaks that offer a fabulous view - hiking paths through fairytale-like nebulous primeval forests are also included, such as the partially paved Caminos, which in the early days where the main connecting routes between villages. For hikers and for mountaineers, Italy's classic art and cultural scene offers many highlights. High and low mountains, but also countless nature reserves mark the country's "greenest" region. You can explore the marvellous garden scenarios around Florence and hills covered in cypresses by foot.
Cyprus Rother Walking Guide Azores Rother Walking Guide Corsica Rother Walking Guide
Cyprus is not only famous for its cultural heritage and 9000 year old past – Aphrodite’s Island is one of the most popular hiking destinations in the eastern Mediterranean. The centre of the island is dominated by the Troodos mountain measuring some 2000 m in height, which despite its considerable altitude is more reminiscent of European low mountains, due to its softly rounded and forested peak.
This Rother hiking guide proposes 50 routes mostly ranging from easy to medium level. Next to mountain tours, it also includes a selection of coastal paths along bizarre cliffs and adventurous ravine tours. Forest paths and nature trails lead through aromatic cedar woods, silent valleys and to remote Byzantine churches and monasteries. Classic spring tours are those which take visitors across the peninsula of Akamas, when colourful carpets of flowers and orchids blossoming by the wayside unveil their typical Mediterranean charm.
Everyone has heard about the Azores high – here is its home. A 3½ hour flight from London, the nine islands of the Azores – Santa Maria, São Miguel, Pico, Faial, São Jorge, Terceira, Graciosa, Flores and Corvo – are situated in the middle of the Atlantic. Still free from mass tourism, the archipelago, belonging to Portugal, is a Mecca for nature-lovers and individualists. Bizarre coastal cliffs, charming sandy bays, beautiful chestnut and pine forests, sparkling clean brooks, magical mountain lakes, summit destinations at over 2700 metres high, as well as predominantly unspoilt nature – what other holiday destination in Europe can boast a similar offer? There is hardly another place where a walking and bathing holiday can be combined in such an ideal way as on this Mediterranean island.
Gomera Rother Walking Guide Algarve Rother Walking Guide. The 22 coastal walks in this guide follow safe paths along the whole of the southern coastline of the Algarve. From the south-western corner of Europe and the distant Sagres they go in easy stages past the spectacular cliffs Bernese Oberland East - Rother Walking Guide
La Gomera can be considered the wildest of the Canary Islands. From the central highlands of the almost 1500-metre high island, countless, steep-walled gorges wind down to the sea, slicing the otherwise gently sloping island coast like a cake. This guide aims to give you the courage to make a trip into the unknown. It opens up, together with the beach area developed by tourism, a hugely diverse landscape both geologically and in respect to its vegetation. Only if you have hiked along the coast and into the hinterland can you truthfully say that you have indeed visited this varied region. The detailed route descriptions are preceded by up-to-date information in fact-file form. Small walking maps marked with the line of the route make route finding easier and numerous photos complete the picture. 50 worthwhile walks in the region around Interlaken, Lauterbrunnen, Grindelwald and Meiringen. Includes detailed walk descriptions, small walking maps and numeroustips for combining walks, excursions, sights and accommodation.
Camino de Santiago - Rother Walking Guide. With over 1000 years of history, the Way of St. James is one of the classic long distance walks. This historical route along almost 1000 kilometres from the Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela offers unique cultur Vienna Woods Rother Walking Guide Madeira Rother Walking Guide
Camino de Santiago - Rother Walking Guide. With over 1000 years of history, the Way of St. James is one of the classic long distance walks. This historical route along almost 1000 kilometres from the Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela offers unique cultural, scenic and nature experiences. Since the Holy Year of 2010 the Way of St. James has gained even more in popularity and attracts more and more people from very different backgrounds, faiths and generations. It does not matter what the reason might be for setting out on the path to Santiago de Compostela - in the end you are confident that you have had a quite special experience. Wien ist anders (Vienna is different) is posted on the signs at the city limits of this metropolis between the Eastern and Western Worlds; indeed, hardly any other European city can offer such a wealth of excursions as the megalopolis on the Danube. Every island thrives on its clichés. The name Madeira stands for a heavy drop of wine which might have had its time a long time ago, yet is still praised by many a connoisseur. The island's all-year-round mild climate helped Madeira be awarded the decorative suffix »floating floral island in the Atlantic«. Bird of paradise and torch lilies, daisies and hydrangea leave no doubt: Madeira is rich in flowers like no other island. And secretly the Atlantic beauty has developed into a hiking paradise of the special kind.
Costa Blanca Rother Walking Guide Crete Greece Lonely Planet travel guide. Crete is a tapestry of splendid beaches, ancient treasures, and landscapes encompassing vibrant cities and dreamy villages, where locals share their traditions, cuisine and generous spirit. Lonely Planet will get GTA Rother Walking Guide
For a long time the Costa Blanca has had a reputation for having the best chance of winter sun, the cheapest flights and the most reasonably priced accommodation. However, the ‘white coast’ has a lot more to offer than the simple beach holidays enjoyed by thousands of tourists every year. Not only the spectacular and varied mountains close to the coast, but also the marvelous spring blossom and warm autumn days have attracted walkers and climbers from all over Europe for decades. High barren mountains and their series of steep ridges contrast with fertile garden landscapes and widespread fruit plantations on the coast.

Crete Greece walking and hiking guide. The Rother Walking Guide by Rolf Goetz will introduce you to 65 amazing walks through the finest coastal and mountain regions. These routes are comprehensive, reliable, trusted and safe. They give you a write up on the walk, a picture, a map of the hike, elevation gain and more. Includes GPS tracks to download. The scale of these maps range from 1:50,000 to 1:75,000.

The Grande Traversata delle Alpi (usually abbreviated to GTA), runs from the Nufenen Pass, with soaring 4000 m. peaks in the background, along ancient pack mule tracks through the western Italian Alps, all the way to the Mediterranean Sea.