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Map Town

Travel Books, Atlases, Outdoor Guides and more

We stock thousands of travel book titles. You will find that our selection goes well beyond the mainstream titles that are available at most stores. We put a great deal of effort into finding unusual titles from local publishers for all geographical areas. School Program
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Visit our World Travel Guides and Books search page.

Popular Travel Guide Publishers:

Michelin Travel Guides:
Michelin Green Guides
Green Guides
Michelin Green Guides
Michelin Green Guides are written and researched by people who have travelled the location. Books include principle sight map(s), practical information, information about accommodation and restaurants, attractions, travel information, tours and essential maps and plans.
Michelin In Your Pocket
Pocket Books
Michelin In Your Pocket Guides
Michelin In Your Pocket Guides include everything you need to know about a location in a handy pocket size. Includes maps and practical information, information about entertainment, accommodations and restuarants, and local events and attractions.
Michelin Red Guide
Red Guides
Michelin Red Guides
Michelin invites you to discover the wonderful restaurants and hotels of locations around the world. The Red Guide is filled with information about what you can expect to enjoy at each location. Also includes city maps and text commentaries.

Esterbauer are wonderful cycling and hiking guides. Includes accurate maps, reliable route descriptions, numberous maps of towns, villages and local areas, references to cultural attractions and other sights of interest to touirsts.

Footprint books are accurate and informative, and work to inspire and entertain. Includes information about culture, accommodations, where to eat, what to do, what to see and more.

Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet Publications are aimed at the adventurous, more budget-conscious travelers. The series offers many titles for Asia and the Indian subcontinent, and also for Africa and South America. Includes information about history, geography, culture, accommodations, travelling to the area, and attractions. Lonely Planet books also feature black-and-white and colour photographs and maps.

Lone Pine
Lone Pine
Lone Pine
Lone Pine Publishing has created a library of books and guides focused on nature, outdoor recreation and popular history in Western Canada. Find books about hiking, waling and the Canadian Rockies.

Moon Handbooks
Moon Guides
Moon Handbooks
Moon Handbooks are aimed towards the more adventurous traveler. Moon Publications has titles covering Asia, the Pacific, Mexico, and a good selection of books covering the western states in the U.S. Moon Guides have numerous sketch maps, diagrams, and black-and-white photographs and some colour photographs.

Rother guides include detailed walk descriptions, small walking maps and numerous tips for combining walks, excursions, sights and accommodation depending on what location guide book you purchase.

Ulysses Travel Guides are designed to be the most cultural how-to travel guides available. Ulysses books cover countries, large regions or important cities. Includes information about accommodations, restaurants, trip planning, attractions and tourist sites, history, politics, economy, geography, and the arts. An outdoor activity section is included.

Wizard Publications
Wizard Publications
Wizard Publications, Inc. is a small Hawaii-based publishing company that specializes in a unique form of guidebook. Wizard guidebooks are focused soley on Hawaii and offer incredibly indepth information about every beach, trail, restaurant, hotel, scenic spot, etc. All are described with a unique blend of humor, candor, and easy reading style with full color on every page.

Map Town carries a wide selection of World Atlases. Please click here to visit our World Atlas page.

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