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BLISTERS AND BLISS - Trekkers Guide to the West Coast Trail
A Trekker's guide to the West Coast Trail. Each year, thousands of trekkers tackle the 75 kilometer West Coast Trail between Bamfield and Port Renfrew on Vancouver Island. And for over 25 years, this book has been the definitive guide to the world-famous

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BLISTERS AND BLISS - A Trekker's guide to the West Coast Trail.

This latest edition is packed with up-to-date information on the trail, including reservations, travel connections, and insider tips from experienced trekkers. The book also features delightful illustrations that bring the trail to life, making it not just a practical guide, but also a source of inspiration for your adventure.

Whether you're hiking northbound or southbound, the book has special sections tailored to your direction of travel, ensuring you have all the information you need for a successful trek. From planning your route to packing essentials, from safety precautions to camping regulations, this guidebook has you covered.

Some of the top sites to see along the West Coast Trail include:

  1. Tsusiat Falls: This iconic waterfall along the trail is a mesmerizing sight to behold, with water cascading down over a series of terraces into the ocean below.

  2. Carmanah Walbran Provincial Park: Home to some of the world's largest and oldest Sitka spruce trees, this ancient rainforest is a must-visit for nature lovers.

  3. Pachena Lighthouse: Located at the northern trailhead, this historic lighthouse is a picturesque landmark and offers stunning views of the rugged coastline.

  4. Nitinaht Narrows: A unique feature of the trail, this narrow channel can be crossed by boat or by wading during low tide, providing a thrilling adventure for hikers.

  5. Keeha Beach: This expansive sandy beach is a perfect spot for a refreshing swim or a relaxing break, with its pristine sands and crashing waves.

  6. Port Renfrew: The southern end of the trail, Port Renfrew is a charming coastal town with friendly locals, cozy accommodations, and delicious seafood.