Custom Laminating

Laminating is a very inexpensive way to protect maps, drawings, aeronautical and nautical charts, the output from pen plotters, posters - in fact, just about anything. We use a 3-mil two-sided laminate which allows you to roll, or even fold your maps after they have been laminated. 1 mil = 0.0001 of an inch. This will also keep your maps from fading or getting damaged over time.

You can write on the laminate with water-based felt markers and remove the writing later by simply removing with a damp cloth. Use a permanent marker if you want the marker to remain forever.

Hot Roll Laminating

Map Town Laminating

Our hot-roll laminating machine, one of the largest in Canada, can handle up to 59 inches wide and up to any length.

Our laminating prices are very reasonable - only 60 cents CDN per running inch on the 59-inch width. For example, a 36" x 59"-piece would be charged for 36 running inches: 36" x .60= $21.60 CDN.

If you are purchasing maps online and would like to have them laminated, please indicate this in the comments field on the checkout page. Simply type "laminated map" followed by the name or item number of the map(s) you would like laminated. The cost of will be added once we have laminated the maps.