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Canadian topographic maps (also known as "topo maps") come in two scales. The 1:50,000 scale topo map is the most detailed scale and covers an area of about 25km by 40km. Its high level of detail makes this scale topo map ideal for recreational activities, such as hiking, walking and bicycling. Accurately shown are hills, valleys, lakes, rivers, wooded areas and all man-made features such as buildings, powerlines, roads, dams and cut lines.

The 1:250,000 scale topographic map is more of an access map, for use in a vehicle than on foot. Each map sheet covers approximately 100km by 160km, the same area of land as 16 of the larger 1:50,000 scale maps. These topographic maps have gained popularity, not only for their detailed overview of a large area, but also as an excellent road map for exploring the back roads.

Topographic Map Names:
  • The names of topographic maps do not necessarily mean that the whole feature the map is named for is centered or completely shown on the map.
  • For example, map 83O07-Slave Lake - 1:50,000 scale, does not show the complete lake. Other maps will be required for complete lake coverage.
1:250,000 Scale Topographic Maps:

  • Smaller scale map: covers more area in less detail
  • Covers an area approximately 100km by 160km
  • Covers same area of land as 16 of the 1:50,000 scale maps
  • Good overall view; ideal for travelling on backroads
1:250 000

1:250,000 Scale Map

1:50, 000 Scale Topographic Maps:

  • Larger scale map: covers less area in more detail
  • Covers an area approximately 25km by 40km
  • Ideal for recreational activities such as hiking, walking and bicycling
  • Natural features shown: hills, valleys, lakes, rivers, wooded areas
  • Man-made features shown: buildings, powerlines, roads, dams, cut lines
  • Contour intervals vary from map to map
1:50 000

1:50,000 Scale Map

The National Topographic System (NTS) of Canada

The area covered by a given map sheet is determined by its latitude and longitude. Because of the standard NTS numbering system, knowing the map number allows you to quickly identify adjacent maps.
how the NTS grid works
1:250,000 Scale Topographic Maps Numbering System:
  • NTS Grid Numbering System format: Number followed by a Letter
  • Letters range from A through P
  • Examples of numbering: 12A, 115P, 83H
  • Each 1:250,000 map is divided into 16 segments numbered 1-16
1:50, 000 Scale Topographic Maps:
  • NTS Grid Numbering System format: Number, Letter followed by another Number ranging between 1-16
  • A 1:50,000 scale map is one of the 16 segments of the 1:250, 000 scale maps
  • Examples of numbering: 12A01, 115P16, 83H10