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Bhutan and Northern India Himalaya Roof of the World India Gizi Map
Bhutan and Northern India
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Very easy to read map with five levels of road detail. A nice touch is the colour relief shading used to show changes in elevation. Plus a index of towns and cities. A travel map covering the area between Kabul and Brahmaputra River (India) and from Tadjikistan to Delhi. The Roof of the World is an apt name for the Gordian knot of mountains that radiates out from Tibet like a galaxy spiral north to the Aleutians, south to Indonesia, east to Japan, and west to Europe. The Himalayan region is not only of paramount strategic value, but it is a lovely and exotic part of the world. Think of Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim, the Karakoram Highway, the new rail line to Lhasa, the hill towns of India, the sanctuary provided to the Dali Lama, the mountain treks in the Mustang Valley, the majesty of Mount Everest! It is all on this double-sided map from Kabul in the west to Assam in the east and from the isolated Tibetan plateau in the north to the Indus Valley in the south.
Printed double-sided on paper. The legend includes: International boundaries, province boundaries, expressways, main highways, secondary highways, railways, fresh and salt water lakes, rivers, swamps, glaciers, sands, international airports, domestic airports, zoos, hotels, temples, mountains, parks, wild life reserves, forests, point of interest, ruins, ferries, caves, golf fields, historical settlements.
This map for businessmen and tourists is in full colour and shows the elevation relief. Features included are roads, political boundaries, ceasefire line, national parks, glacier, swamp, religious temples, historical monuments, thermal springs, points of interest, ferries, and airports.
Indian Subcontinent Itmb Bhutan Travel guide Book with 37 Maps. Includes Thimphu, Paro Dzongkhag, Trongsa Dzongkhag, Mongar Dzongkhag and more.Bhutan is no ordinary place. It is the last great Himalayan kingdom, shrouded in mystery and magic, where a traditional Buddhist culture
Indian Subcontinent
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The Indian Sub-Continent consists of Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Kashmir. Each country (Kashmir being considered shared) is presented as an entity, so Pakistan occupies 30 pages at 1:1,200,000 scale, and Nepal occupies 32 pages at 1:530,000 scale. In short, each country is shown in detail, but at scales appropriate for each country. Eleven city inset maps are included, as well as basic insets for the Andaman and Nicobar island chains. Bhutan is no ordinary place. It is the last great Himalayan kingdom, shrouded in mystery and magic, where a traditional Buddhist culture carefully embraces global developments. Lonely Planet will get you to the heart of Bhutan, with amazing travel experiences and the best planning advice.